Spider Activities are free and open to any Spider Member with any ability and skill set.

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Learn how to take a professional photographs and understand your camera. Open to beginners and experienced clickers alike. Accredited courses are available.

Ink & Wash

Create ink lined drawings with fountain pens then add a dash of colour with vibrant ink with a watercolour technique. This activity is welcome to all but make sure you get in quick as it’s very popular.

Calm & Create

Art produced in crafty way. No need to be able to paint or draw, it’s great way to relax and explore your creative side.

Body Fitness

Get fit with a twice weekly, high intensity cardio and weight training class. These sessions need to be booked on the day by telephone.


Weekly drama workshop with games, script reading and improvisation. A fun session, which is also a great confidence/self esteem boost.

Creative Woodwork

Making creative pieces of art, or even practical goods (eg picture frames, shelves, fixtures) from wood. 


A couple of hours bike ride to different parts of The Wirral. For the more competent cyclist.

Well-being and Resilience Group

Develop tools for improving your mental health,  incorporating the 5 Ways To Well-being. A 10 week course which you can join at any stage.

Creative Writing

A two hour session of creative writing exercises to stimulate and explore the writer in you. Let your mind be open with daring and fanatical fantasise while you learn how to structure your next story.

Local History Group

Learn about our local history, the most recent project was a project about Cammel Laird's, and is displayed in Spider.

Practice with Paint

Hone your painting skills with local artist Geof Staniford

Open Jamming Session

As it says on the tin, all musical abilities welcome.


A fun hour at Tranmere Rover's Indoor Pitches

Vocal Group

Learn to sing with our fab new singing tutor.

Knitting Circle

Enjoy a little relaxing knitting.


Learn how to shape and manipulate clay into figurines. Gain the skills to bring your creations to life!


Is the technique of creating artwork with melted wax and then painting over the ink to create layers and textures.

Guitar Tuition For Beginners

As it says on the tin. We can even supply the guitars.

Story Box Reading Group

Enjoy reading a great book with friends, take a sit back and relax or try your hand at reading aloud to the group. Each written adventure is chosen by the group for the group.

Running Group

Couch to 5K is back. Join the guys and get fit.

Learn To Draw

Learn how to sketch, shade and colour. Beginners and all abilities are welcome.

Connect Us

Drop-in or booked appointments with a support service that will explain what is going on in your community and how to engage with other services.

Reach Out

Drop-in or booked appointments with service provider that support members with CV’s, volunteering and gaining valuable skills for employment.

Health Walk

Relaxing walk around the town with other like-minded members while taking in the ever evolving area.

Music Production

From words on a page to a fully produced song in your ears. You will learn how to create the melody, add backing tracks, harmonise and turn words into your own single. There is an Open Awards course that is open to anyone who wants to learn more about this industry.

Photo Editing

You will learn how to edit your pictures using such tools airbrushing, removal of objects, filters and sharpening. Using popular programs Photoshop and Light Room.

Guided Relaxation

At the start of every session, there is a focus on muscle relaxation relaxation, shrugging off the day’s tension before being escorted into a sublime, guided imagery. Let your mind be taken to a freshly cut field under the stars or onto a warm beach in the tropics. Learn the tools of self relaxation through breathing and muscle releasing.

Film and Video Production

Try your hand at the technical aspects of moving picture productions. You will learn the skills of project ideas and planning, gathering equipment and assembly, editing, location finding, job allocation and post production. With a session leader who has produced documentaries and worked in the fast pace industry.

Holistic Therapies

You will need to book a consultation with our in house masseuse before receiving tailored treatments. The massages will range from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the problem areas and treatment.


The yoga style being taught is called Kundalini Yoga. This blend of yoga incorporates breathing techniques, meditation, physical and spiritual practice. Each week a different area of the body will be stretched and released by the guided positions from the yoga teacher.

Master Movers

A session dedicated to the art of playing chess, come and get stuck in with the different stages of chess, from learning what a rook is to a competitive battle of fallen kings.

Outward Bounds

This is a once a month opportunity for members to go on exciting trips in and around the local area. The events can range from kayaking in Liverpool’s docks, canal trips, paddle boarding, sailing, walks in North Wales and Cheshire. This allows our members to experience activities that they would not normally have the opportunity. The groups range from eight to ten members and all activities are advertised in advanced for individuals to put their names down to be picked out of a hat.

Tai Chi

Is the combination of breathing techniques and relaxation through fluid movements. It is known to have health benefits and brings awareness to the body. The sessions gradually elevate from beginner to more complex moves, but new members are able to join at any time.

Community Lunch

The community meal is the weekly event on Fridays that brings together new and old members. The meals are prepared in Spider by trained members who every week cooks up a meat and a vegetarian version of the meal. The lunches can range from Shepard’s Pie, Curries, Fajita and lasagne. Come along and enjoy a free meal on Spider.

Jewellery Making

Come and create trinkets in a warm environment with friends. We make a range of jewellery, badges and knickknacks.

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